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Accessibility Statement

The Proframe Scotland website has been designed to be accessible to as many people as possible. If you have difficulty using our site please use the contact us page to let us know the problems you are experiencing and we will do our best to rectify this in the future development of the site

All pages on this site comply with all priority 1, 2, and 3 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

All pages on this site were successfully checked as HTML 4.01 Transitional and performed a successful formal validation using an SGML, HTML5 and/or XML Parser(s)

Navigation Aids

All pages on the Proframe Scotland site have been designed to allow the inclusion of Link Relationships. These help to aid navigation in browsers which are text-only e.g. Lynx and also in graphical browsers that support Link Relationships.

The Proframe Scotland site has been coded to ensure a logical tab order through links and form elements. Keyboard navigation is possible via the TAB KEY on your keyboard. Alternatively Opera users can use the A KEY to navigate links and the TAB KEY to navigate form elements.

A Skip Navigation link has been provided to allow users of text-only browsers and screen readers to avoid the site navigation to quickly access its content.

Visual Design

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to control visual layout throughout this site.

The web page text can be altered by going to the 'View' menu in your browser, point to Text Size, and then click the size you want (this may differ depending on browser vendor). If your browser or browsing device does not support Cascading Style Sheets, the content of this site will still be readable and usable.

The images on the Proframe Scotland site should have alternative text (also known as alt text), this means that any images which are on the site and are used to describe something on the page, have alternative text which is used to describe the image. This helps users of text only browsers to understand the images.

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